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Index of Family Histories- Bound books on shelves

Balster, Helen Josephine Pribyl Swanberg autobiography

Hudek, Mathias and Barbara Cech by Jim Robasse 2012

Ibs, Inge  Led by Spirit

Pribyl’s Family History Book by James Robasse

Schut, Andrew   Lest We Forget   Autobiography 1975


Index of Family Histories-  3-Ring Black Notebooks

Labeled in Alphabetical Order A-Z 

Adickes, Frederick and Amelia Boerner Adickes Family Information by Sue Sylvester 2024

Bullock Farmstead 1876-2013 by Mary O’Brien Jan 2022

Butler, Patrick Family History by Sue Sylvester

Cavanaugh, John and Margaret (Flaherty) Family Tree by Sue Sylvester 2017

Dykeman Burial Grounds by Sue Sylvester 1-9-2019

Dykeman Burial Grounds Updates by Sue Sylvester 4-10-2019

Dykeman Family Census Records by Sue Sylvester 2018

Dykeman Legacy by Sue Sylvester 1-2-2019

Hamilton, Frank Family History by Sue Sylvester 1-10-2019

Hance, Emma   Researching Family History Part I 2-10-2021

Hance, Emma   Researching Family History Part II 2-17-2021

Haverty History Four Generations by Mary Haverty Stumpf 1989

Haverty Family History Part I-IV by Sue Sylvester 2024

Haverty Family Reader by Jim Dahlseid and Mary Haverty Stumpf

Holmberg Family Seven Generations in Chatham Township by Sue Sylvester Parts I-IV

Holmberg Story:  They came from Sweden Yvonee Lueck and Christy Olson Harshman   8-2-2008

Holmberg Family Story by Yvonne Lueck 8-8-2006

Jude History provided by Kevin Jude     Feb 1941

Kloss, August and Augusta (Treichler) Family by Sue Sylvester

Kloss, Herman and Caroline (Diesing) Family by Sue Sylvester

Kloss, Michael and Amelia Augusta (Drawert) Family by Sue Sylvester

Kotilinek Family History

Kotilinek, Babbur, Horne, and Sole Family History

Lieske, Ene (Taba)   Remembering the Country Her Family Left Behind 10-9-1991

Maroney, Barbara   Autobiography

Maroney, Frank a Biography by Barbara Maroney

Maroney, John Jr. and Mary (McDonough)   Memories of my Mother and Father by Barbara M. Maroney

McDonough by Generation by Terry Maroney

McKeig, Bernard Family History by Kevin Jude 1-1-2002

Mendelson Family line by Sue Sylvester 2024

Moroneys and O’Loughlins of Wright County by Terry Maroney 2022

Mathan, Charles and Emma (Kloss) Family by Sue Sylvester (also granddaughter Dee Lynch information) 9-13-2017

Mathan, Karl and Gottliebe “Libby” (Lemke) Family by Sue Sylvester 2017

Nolan, Michael and Walter’s Life on the Cavanaugh Farm as Orphan Train Survivors by Gary Nolan 8-27-2017

O’Gorman Family History 3-9-1988

O’Loughlin/Hamilton Family History by Pat Hamilton 

O’Loughlin, Michael and Mary (Butler) Family History by Mary Ann O’Loughlin Murray June 1947

Olson Family by Ray and Avis

Olson Family by Ilene Ricker

Olson, Henry Family History

Provo, Robert John Autobiography

Rudolph, Adolph Family Tree by Sue Sylvester

The St. Hilaire Family in Maple Lake by John A. St. Hilaire

The Strohschein Family by Mabel Loesch

Triplett Family Tree by Sue Sylvester

Veches, Anton Family History by Avis Veches Olson

Vlug, Isaac Family Tree by Sue Sylvester

Welton Family History by Edward Hall


Index of Maple Lake & Surrounding Communities Histories - 3-Ring White Notebooks

General Information

Library in Pursuit of History in Maple Lake   8-10-2011

Archival Corner  Archival Catalogue Developed 2-20-2012

Library focused on History, Community by Gabe Licht 3-13-2013

Archival Corner  Dee Lynch’s Quest for her Mathan Roots 9-13-2017

Maple Lake Library Archival Corner by Sue Sylvester  The Orphan Train-Michael Nolan 9-27-2017

Plastered with History by Brenda Erdahl November 14, 2018

Preserving Maple Lake’s History by Patricia Hamilton January 23, 2019

Archival Corner Updates December 2020

Library has a new exhibit on display March 30, 2022

Local Hero Preserves History by Brenda Erdahl  Dr. James Jude’s photos 2-14-2024

Business Histories

1889 Businesses in Maple Lake  Photo of Maple Ave. provided by Kobe Mendelson  

        “Easy Street” by Sue Sylvester 2024

Cross B Lakeview Sales by Sue Sylvester 6-9-2021

Maple Lake Pavilion by Sue Sylvester 12-31-2019

Quinn’s Resort/Salerno Bay Resort or Joe’s Point by Sue Sylvester 10-16-2019

Schulte Resort/Dirck’s Resort/Kloss’s Resort/Ray’s Resort on Maple Lake by Sue Sylvester 6-26-2019

Thomas Marine Buildings History by Marjorie LaTour


Bethlehem Evangelical Church’s 1938 cornerstone by Sue Sylvester 2021

Organization Histories

Boy Scout Troup 219 Early History by Sue Sylvester 4-3-2019

Boy Scout Trip to Many Point by Sue Sylvester 8-21-2019

Boy Scout Update 10-2-2019

The CCC Camp #3710 by Sue Sylvester August 2021

Maple Lake Police force and Maintenance History 1891 to 1989 Parts I-XII by Sue Sylvester   Separate index with collection 9-15-2021 to 8-24-2022 

Maple Lake Sportsmen’s Conservation Club Part I by Sue Sylvester 12-9-2020

Maple Lake Sportsmen’s Conservation Club Part II by Sue Sylvester 12-16-2020


Maple Lake Town Histories

Moroney and O’loughlin’s Part I by Sue Sylvester 2-28-2024

Moroney and O’Loughlin’s Part II by Sue Sylvester 3-6-2024

Vandergon, Ed  True Stories of the Old Day of Maple Lake  1973


Sports and Recreation

Maple Lake Public Beach History pre 1942 By Sue Sylvester 7-7-2021

Maple Lake Beaches  Pribyl North Shore Beach and Lions Beach by Sue Sylvester 7-21-2021

Maple Lake Beaches Part III by Sue Sylvester 7-29-2021


Township Histories/Surrounding Communities

Rasset City, Chatham/ Property Purchases in the Early 1900’s that Defined the Town by Sue Sylvester 2024

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